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We’ve all been there. At that event that just was….well, blah. Speaker after speaker, even with engaging ones it starts to get old after number 3 or 4. Thank god for the open bar.

Video is an awesome way to keep your guests excited and engaged throughout any event by breaking up that normal program format. Main Line Creative Partners specializes in custom videos created specifically for events. Captivating images paired with the perfect music and story  have the power to change the tone and direction of your entire event. Get those guests excited about your organization, jazzed about the corporate retreat, inspired by past achievements, or willing to open their checkbook to donate to your nonprofit.

When it comes to nonprofits, we excel at creating videos that tell the stories of lives they have changed and give those in attendance a chance to see exactly where their sponsorship dollars will go. Seeing the faces and hearing the voices of those in need helps donors connect to the cause in a way that no other medium can provide. A perfect example is The PenFed Foundation, our longtime client, who use video every year at their annual fundraising Gala to explain the mission of the organization and to tell the stories of their grantees. At this year’s 10th anniversary Gala they asked us to create two videos for them, a look at the past and a look to the future. These videos paired with engaging speakers and generous donors allowed them to reach their 1 million dollar goal. 1 Million Dollars! In one night!

Let’s work together to reach your goals and make your event a success. (and maybe even save you a little money on that open bar…)

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