Just The Facts Ma’am – How we make advertising with Social Media work

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As part of a networking group I needed to give a 5 minute presentation on Main Line Creative Partners. I chose to focus on Social Media Advertising, why it’s great, who can benefit, and how our company can  make it work  for our clients. Below is my presentation with some great info including some concrete facts and figures about how it works and why it’s worth it.


Hello Everyone. I’m Rachel Kagan and I represent the Social Media Marketing category for our chapter. Now, when hearing that I figure that you are probably thinking one of two things, either, “Oh, I want to talk to that lady” or “Who the hell cares about social media, 16 year olds and computer nerds are not my “best customers.” Since I have the first option in the bag already, let me move on to the second group. 

Social media has really evolved in the past few years. It’s no longer just a way to keep track of pointless things like who went to the Phillies game, or who ate steak for dinner. It’s become a really effective advertising and marketing tool that is extraordinarily budget friendly. Being budget friendly makes it the perfect option for my three best clients; small businesses, non profits and independent contractors.


First I’m going to tell the story of a nonprofit. My personal favorite because they usually need the most guidance, are open to letting my company take the reigns, and make me feel good about myself for giving back (we offer a discount). One of our best non-profit clients in the area is Birthright of West Chester. Birthright is a pregnancy help organization that originally came to us to create a commercial to air on Comcast networks. We said, no problem we can do that, and commercials are great, but do you have a Facebook page? The answer was no. We pitched an idea to build their Facebook page, build their YouTube page and create a playlist of 6 original videos, produced by us, for their YouTube channel. They agreed, reallocated a budget formerly used for signs on Septa buses to our monthly social media management services and since January of this year have seen fantastic results from their page. They have 177 likes, 93% of which are from their key demographic, have 329 views on their YouTube page, and on their best day on Facebook reached 847 unique people in one day. All of this due to our efforts to get the word out about their organization.


How do we get the word out? We first make sure there is a reason that people will go to their Facebook and Youtube pages. There needs to be a reason for people to go to your Facebook and like and follow you, and it can’t just be funny cat pictures. We chose to focus on making them the go-to page for family activities in the West Chester and other suburban areas. In keeping with that, we post suggestions for weekend and community activities with kids, date night suggestions, and pregnancy info. In order to make potential clients more comfortable with visiting their office, we post volunteer spotlights every month and photos of their office, anything to make asking for help less scary. We also post anything we think might go viral. For example, quotes to celebrate holidays or quotes that inspire you. Those quotes are graphically designed by our team and always include the organizations logo and a form of contact info so no matter whose page it ends up on, it always leads back to our client. That post that reached 847 people in one day? A St. Patricks Day Quote. A simple quote, simple design, but very effective.

St. Patrick's Day Post from Birthright of West Chester's Facebook page

St. Patrick’s Day Post from Birthright of West Chester’s Facebook page


Now, to play to the crowd, a small business example. To us that really means any company under 300 employees. I’m going to use our company as an example for this one since we recently had pretty amazing success with “boosting” a post. Boosting a post is one of the tactics we use to get your Facebook post out to people who may not know your company and who have not already liked you. We boosted a post that featured some of our video work for the Pentagon’s non-profit (PenFed) and we reached 11,256 people in 3 days with 20 bucks. We did this by carefully targeting our post so it was fed to the right people. The people we knew would be interested in it. It included a video link which directed people to our Vimeo Page which then directed them to our website. We had over 10 times the amount of people visit our social media pages and website that day than on an average day. Seamless, effective and inexpensive.


So where did we get these numbers? Did we make them up? Pull them out of our ass? No. With our social media services we don’t just provide the content and post the posts, we evaluate the success of what we posted. We know how to use Facebook’s analytic tools to evaluate the success of each and every post. We can tell you what your clients find most interesting. What they hated. What they shared with their Aunt Betty. We can even tell you when your clients are on Facebook so you know what time of day to post, down to the minute. What you’re paying for with our services is not just a pretty picture or funny quote, it’s the expertise in knowing what’s working, when to post it, and how to personalize your marketing campaign to reach the most potential clients as possible.


Our social media services include monthly management plans as well as one-time consultation fees. We work with all budgets and tailor our services to fit the needs of each and every client. Please feel free to email me if you would like more information on our rates and service packages and to see the videos and pages of the clients I mentioned, check out our website or, of course, like us on Facebook.