Custom Animation, and we do mean custom.

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A few months ago we got a request from a client of ours to create a custom animation for their handbag. They wanted a way to show in under 1 minute the five different conversions and styles this handbag provides. Although we have done many product demonstration videos, this was our first chance to really dive into 3D renderings and animations. We called on our amazingly talented animator who jumped at the chance to create this video. He nailed it. Not only did he illustrated the functionality of the bag, but his attention to detail elevated the quality and realism of the animation above expectations. It was a complex process and we worked with the client at every point along the way to make sure the end result was what they envisioned. After a sample of the product was handed off to the animator, he built a 3D rendering and provided a digital storyboard for approval. After approvals were given, we started the video edit and addressed two client revisions to the animation before final delivery. The entire process took about 6 weeks. This animation aired on QVC and was created to their strict specifications. You’ll notice that it is justified to the right of the screen and appears off-centered. This is not a mistake, the framing is formatted to allow for their on-air product graphic. Our history producing videos for this home shopping network ensures that details like this are not overlooked saving time and money for our clients. We’re very proud of this video – check it out!