The Company

We’ve talked about the specifics of our services in other sections so let’s talk about why you should work with us. Why MLCP? There are other companies out there that offer similar services, so what makes us the best? Simple answer to that is US. Not to be conceited, (but totally be conceited) we are awesome at what we do. We are storytellers. We are creatives. We are hard workers. We love our clients. We want you to succeed, whatever it takes. Long hours living like trolls in editing rooms? No problem. Days of casting to get that perfect character? No problem. We give 100% of our time and effort to each project treating every client like they are our one and only.

We are creative partners because we partner with the best of the best. We’ve built our business on a history of creative collaboration with our favorite people, who just so happen to also be incredibly talented. We’ve got the best animators, the best videographers, the best editors, the best graphic designers and the best producers in the region.

We are small but mighty. We made a decision to never grow beyond what our freedom of creativity allows. There are no corporate rules and regulations here. No red tape, no limits on what we can dream up and what we can create. If you’re looking for a big flashy studio, that’s not us. If you’re looking for a group of creatives to join you on your production journey, get to know you as friends, create some amazing content, and have a beer with you to celebrate the launch of your videos, you’ve found us.

The Founders


“We’ve always known this is what we wanted to do…”

Leslie and Rachel met in college in Ithaca, NY. After a move to LA and experience producing television shows for networks like GSN, CBS, FOX, Bravo, and CMT, they decided to take their experience back home do what they love to do where they love to be.