Social Media is a fast growing and ever changing advertising market. It’s hard to keep up with and it is increasingly more important to have someone specifically devoted to managing yours.

We found that many of our clients requested videos for social media or YouTube marketing, we delivered them….and then never saw them. We decided that the best way to ensure that our client’s names got out there (and that they shared our rad videos with the world) was to take the reigns and use our expertise and inside knowledge to manage video roll out and distribution for them.

We offer social media management services that range from a one time consultation to weekly posts on one social media outlet to daily posts and video updates on as many outlets as you want. We tailor the plan to your and your company’s needs. Let us worry about what to post and when, how to engage your customers and how to get your more “likes.”

You like you, we like you, why shouldn’t 100,000 others?